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Dr. Jianwei Feng

Dr. Feng graduated from the School of Medicine, Shandong University with a bachelor’s degree in clinical medicine in 1987. It was in the same year that he was admitted to the School of Medicine, Shandong University for postgraduate study in cardiac surgery. After graduation, Qilu Hospital of Shandong University employed him to work in the cardiac surgery department. In 1992, Dr. Feng continued his study for a doctorate in molecular biology at Texas A&M University in US. It should be mentioned that he is the first graduate to obtain the doctorate in molecular biology in four years. In 1996, Dr. Fung made his postdoctoral research in the prestigious Texas Heart Institute, where he was taught by professor Jame T. Willerson, the president of the institute. Later, Dr. Feng received systematic, comprehensive and standard internal medicine training in Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City where he was taught by professor Antonio M. Gotto, dean of Weill Cornell Medicine at that time. In 2002, Dr. Feng returned to the Texas Heart Institute for specialized training in cardiology.Dr. Feng’s study and training experiences have made him one of the few doctors who have received double training in cardiology and cardiac surgery. In 2012, Dr. Feng, working as the director of cardiovascular center of Memorial Herman Hospital SW in Houston, was elected the “Best Doctor of the Year” and became the first Chinese-American doctor to receive such a honor. Furthermore, Dr. Feng actively participates in various social public welfare activities to serve the community. He also serves as chairman of AQZ and President of Hopson Medical Education and Development System.


1987年,丰建伟医生毕业于山东大学医学院,同年考入山东大学医学院攻读心脏外科。1996年,丰医生就读于美国德克萨斯州农机大学,攻读分子生物学博士,是第一个用最短时间完成此学科的人士。1996年,丰医生在德州心脏研究所作研究学者,受教于该研究所总裁Jame T. Willerson,成为他的第一个博士后,并为之建立了心脏基因研究室。此后,丰医生又在纽约康奈尔医疗中心,受教于时任康奈尔医学院院长Antonio M. Gotto门下,接受了系统丶全面丶标准的内科培训。2002年,丰医生回到德州心脏研究所接受了心脏内科的专门培训。多年的科班训练,使得丰医生成为休斯顿少数受过心脏内外科双重训练的医生之一。2012年12月22日,时任西南纪念医院(Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital)心血管主任的丰医生当选“最佳年度医生”,成为该院首位获得此殊荣的华裔医生。丰医生同时积极参与各种公益活动,服务社区大众。他同时担任美国大爱正心慈善基金会(AQZ)董事长和厚普生(Hopson)医疗教育与发展系统总裁。

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